Vegan & Vino
Vegan & Vino is a mid-to-high-range bistro focused on organic, farm-to-table vegan dishes paired with predominately regional wines. This restaurant targets the 25-45-year age group who tend to have more disposable income and are tired of over-processed, meat-heavy dishes.

In order to communicate the organic, unprocessed nature of this brand, I chose to design a very fluid logo by using Fertigo italic typeface, blended with my illustrated imagery that makes the customer understand that they are not in your typical “chain restaurant.” 
The Aktiv Grotesk & Gabriola typefaces used within the menu relay a seriousness about the restaurant’s offerings and convey a sense of class as well, yet Gabriola is almost like dialogue in its structure. Simple, hand-drawn illustrations headline each section of the menu, without distracting the customer from the main focus of the menu—the wine and food.
The burgundy cardstock used for the cover has a slight texture and is very rich looking. Framed within the burgundy cover and back are the logo and “About” the restaurant section, which is printed on gray resume paper that is textured with a slight cross-hatch pattern.