Oasis Water
Oasis bottled water is designed to appeal to women in the 25-35 age range, who are also in search of healthy alternatives to sweetened beverages. They will tend to be more health conscious individuals and more likely will keep to a certain fitness routine.

The use of a feminine-shaped bottle and coloring the actual water in shades that appeal to women, as well as flavor/scents that have a feminine appeal are all designed to attract females of this age group. Infusing the water with vitamins & minerals will also appeal to a more health conscious target audience.
I chose a name that is soothing and also has a feminine flair to it, in that “sis” is part of Oasis and one might think of a sister when thinking of this product.
The typeface used in the logo is very curvaceous and so I adapted a logo design that plays into these organic curves and gives a sense of free-spiritedness, but yet it also has a certain seriousness about the product itself.