As an avid shopper of Costco, I chose this corporation for a makeover. I felt their logo and the typeface, specifically, were particularly “clunky” and unappealing, so my goal was to modernize these elements along with the image of the company.

The audience for the project is the shoppers of Costco, no matter their age, but generally would be the 25-55 year old audience.
Costco’s current print materials and website presence are particularly non-people oriented, which was another major goal for this corporate rebrand; to make the shopper feel more important than the merchandise - people over product. Going onto their current website or viewing their print ads gives the viewer the impression that Costco is all about endless products, placing the shopper as a lesser priority.
Futura extra bold oblique typeface was chosen as a close look-alike for the existing logo, as the objective wasn’t to drastically change the logo, but to update it and give it a more open, modern look, while still being completely recognizable to longtime shoppers, such as myself.
I also chose to keep the same, recognizable color scheme, again, not wanting to alienate longtime shoppers. I did, however, drop “wholesale” from the name entirely and I played on the 3 blue stripes in the existing logo , added a new swoosh design and reincorporated them into the new logo.