Alt-Native Hotel
Alt-Native is trendy hotel concept designed to attract the LGBTQ community and those friendly to that audience. With a target audience of 25-45 old people the imagery, colors, fonts and written verbiage must appeal to the audience in a whimsical, yet very sophisticated way.
Appealing to the LGBTQ community must include the use of whimsy and style that is unique to this audience. I chose the pink flamingo as a sort of mascot that would be easily recognized among community members and those who are friendly to them.
Use of pinks, purples and pastel shades of the like are also easily recognizable by the audience and I made use of them on the print materials and website.
For the Alt-Native logo itself I chose a combination of Acumin Pro and Armstrong fonts, which gives it a very classical hotel, “neon sign” look, yet it maintains that sense of style that is critical to captivate potential  customers and the community at large.