Excursion Magazine
Excursion is a travel magazine geared towards a younger audience with a curiosity about exploring our world, who would find staying in low-cost hostels preferrable to a regular hotel. With a target audience of 21-35 year olds, the magazine must appeal to this audiences sense of adventure.

Use of colorful, vivid images of geography and tapping into todays technology should appeal to this target audience, as well as anyone else that seeks to travel the world via less expensive means.
Use of Museo-itallic typeface for the magazine header gave it a very adventurous feel as each letter read like a roadmap from one to the other. A simple color palet reflected on the season each magazine addition is published; Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.
Acumin Pro Light typeface was used throughout the magazine body text for concise readability and a professional look, while use of typefaces like Sanvito Pro and Adrianna in various headlines announced each story with a seriousness or lightheartedness, depending on the subject.