Archangel beer is designed with the micro-brew culture in mind. With an age-range of 21-35, Archangel will appeal to a mostly male audience that likes beer with an anti-establishment edge; definitely not mainstream American beer.

Instilling images of Heaven and Hell, good versus evil, Archangel should allow drinkers to walk a fine line between the two. While the rich, hearty taste of the beer selection will build a loyal following, the logo design and labeling system will build trust in the product and instill in the drinker that they are not drinking a cheap, American convenience store beer.
A modified Acroterion font forms the basis for the actual Archangel logo, taking advantage of the classical sweeping strokes to add a devil’s tail. Adding a halo into the design completes the good vs. evil effect.
Use of Acumin, Poetica and Trajan fonts complete the labeling system, giving relevent information a very professional look to offset the whimsy of the Archangel logo itself.